Now, more than ever, we must fund public education

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The COVID-19 pandemic and recession have caused unprecedented trauma and disruption for students and workers in our public schools and colleges. Now more than ever, our federal, state and local governments must provide public schools and colleges with the funding needed to support our students and sustain our economy.


Support students and families

We must fully fund our public schools and colleges to support students and families through this crisis and address structural racism that has created disparities in education. Our schools — especially those serving low-income students and students of color — need resources more than ever. To make higher education accessible to all, students and their families need debt relief and fully funded public colleges and universities.

Invest in our communities

For the sake of students, communities and our economy, we need schools and colleges to open as soon as that can be done safely. During this pandemic, we will need more staff, not fewer, to ensure physical distancing and clean buildings and to provide students with the social, emotional and academic support they need.

Build a better world

This crisis is transforming our world, as are the protests against the mistreatment and murder of Black and Brown lives. We need fully funded public education, preschool through college, to light the path to a better future.

Don’t make students and families pay for this crisis! We need a New Deal-level of investment in the common good. We can afford it. The collective net worth of 17 Massachusetts billionaires grew by $11 billion this spring, at the same time that cases of Covid-19 were skyrocketing along with the unemployment rate. Millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share in taxes to ensure a better, more equitable future for all, especially those who have historically been left behind.

Federal Funding.  The federal government has the greatest ability to borrow money or raise taxes progressively to support education and other crucial public services. We are demanding that our U.S. representatives and senators work to secure more funding and work to roll back tax giveaways to the wealthy.

State Funding. Massachusetts must make education funding a priority, though not by cutting other vital services. In addition to the state accessing the “rainy day fund,” the Legislature should exercise its power to increase taxes on wealthy individuals and profitable corporations.

Local and Campus Funding. We must join together at the local and campus levels to make sure public schools and colleges are protected from the budget ax because now, more than ever, we need to support students, educators and communities.

Make Your Voice Heard

Record a video on why your school or college can't afford budget cuts!

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